Circular Economy - Recycling

Circular Economy - Recycling

The linear production model is based on the threefold "supply of raw materials - production of products - disposal at the end of the year". Based on this most economies in the world have been developed.

According to this model, each product inevitably reaches the "end of useful life" which in itself makes it unsustainable.

Given growing concerns about depleting natural resources and degrading the environment, together with the need for sustainable development, the circular economy is coming as a natural consequence.

Simply put, a circular economy is defined as the extension of the life cycle of products while saving non-renewable natural resources through the reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery of raw materials, energy and waste.

The circular economy is a reliable, modern proposal for sustainable development, which has multiple benefits for society, the economy and the environment. That is why it is a key pillar of our company's strategy.



Recycling is the process of converting the waste into raw materials from which new products are then produced. The contribution of recycling is multiple:

• Waste reduction

• Energy saving

• Reduction of pollution in the atmosphere, soil, oceans, underground water etc.

• Improving the living standards of people

• Creating new jobs

• Promoting sustainability

Fully embracing the principles of the circular economy, we have been introducing the use of recycled raw material in our production for several years now.


In 2018, this percentage of recycled raw materials rose to 10 - 12% while in 2019 it reached 15%. For 2020, we intend to reach or even exceed 20% of recycled raw material with most of it being PCR (post-consumer recycled). Note that it is always the goal of our company to maintain the quality characteristics of our products and that the selection and use of recycled raw material does not affect the quality of the products. We should also mention that we do a selection of products where recycled raw material is used. For items intended for use in contact with food, we use only virgin raw material to ensure the safety of the final consumer. The production of recyclable raw material that can be used in food utensils is still at an early stage, but by closely following the technological developments in this field, we will be one of the first to use pure recycled raw material in this category of products as well.

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