Kiklos collection is a result of VIOMES
dynamic development and efforts from
the company’s internal processes for the
achievement of sustainable development.
Through constant research, came up the need
of producing products not only useful, but also
decorative with modern design combining
high aesthetics with manufacture quality.

Οur vision

To be the top and most undisputed choice of our customers by demonstrating business excellence and pursuing the continued growth of the company, always respecting its people, society and the environment.

Our mission

  • The production of innovative, functional, high aesthetics and high quality products
  • To serve our customers and meet their needs in the best possible way
  • To creating value for people, customers and shareholders of the company

Our values

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Team Spirit
  • Extroversion
  • Respect

The company's Research and Development department analyzes modern trends and monitors technological developments in order to modernize its mechanical equipment, operations and services and expand its range of products by designing and producing new and modern products unique and original in design and use.
So, we are constantly looking for opportunities for better products that give value to users, our business and employees and to our market. To achieve this, we reward experimentation, communication and collaboration between management and employees and look up constant exchange of knowledge and experience.

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